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Holy Eucharist

First Eucharist

Preparation for First Eucharist begins in September each year.  Letters and registration forms are distributed through the our religious education program and Resurrection - St. Paul school.

In preparation for working with their children at home, parents attend two meetings in late October and early November.  The first meeting discusses the sacraments of reconciliation and the second deals with readiness and expectations. At the end of the second meeting parents pick up workbooks to begin using at home.  The children begin working on these and continue through the Christmas holidays. In January they begin a series of six one hour meetings over a seven week period (accompanied by at least one parent at all meetings). There we reinforce the content and concepts in preparation for these sacraments. When possible at the 5th meeting we have a "Build-a-Lunch" meeting, where we pray for those in the family of God who have less than we do, we decorate lunch bags, and package a lunch for the homeless and hungry here in Howard County.

The week before our First Eucharist celebrations we have 2 separate rehearsals for the two celebrations we have here at Resurrection. Children also have the option of receiving the sacrament for the first time at one of the weekend Masses.

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